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New Thought Links
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New Thought Prayer
Practitioners, Seekers of Wisdom and Ministers will all find this site to be a gift of love where one can share ideas and read the enlightened writings of spiritual people around the world.


Tools of Transformation
Your Path is like water, it rises, falls, but always flows. using the Tools of Transformation, you will find the way easier.

Spiritual Friends
Love is the conscious decision to foster the spiritual growth of another being.   Spiritual friends are friends who encourage you upon your path to do good and be your highest self. 

New Thought Texts Online
A wonderful online library of New Thought Texts in the Public Domain. You will find great classics of New Thought and through your reading and contemplation you will discover deeper understanding and feelings of peace and happiness.


Spiritual Texts Online
Throughout the world people have found different ways of relating to Great Spirit. They call God/Goddess by many names including Buddha Nature or simply the Divine. The name that we call the Divine does not change it, it simply changes us. Reading these ancient texts can awaken a sense of awe and give us insight into how beliefs shape a person or a culture.

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