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Science of Mind is
"a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy,
and revelations of religion applied to the needs and aspirations of humankind"

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and Online References

Universal Translator
Translate webs or text from and to many languages

Merriam-Webster Online
Quick Dictionary - German/English Dictionary

American Religion Data Archive  
This is an excellent resource for students and ministers.

Census Bureau Home Page

Archive of Links to New Thought Works on the Web

Ministers and Students Resources

New Thought Links

Bartelbys Great Books Online
an awesome collection for research

Bartleby Familiar Quotations 

Dictionary of Quotations - Inspirational, Famous, Humorous & Literary Quotations

Quotation Library 
Inspirational Quotations

Barna Research Online

Hartford Institute for Religion

The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virigina  
Dedicated to the Study of Religious Movements on the Web and in the World.   (check out the listing for New Thought.)

Virtual Resource Library 
Developed by the Church of Today (Unity), in San Diego, CA; a valuable resource for Music, Marketing, Sundays, Community Outreach, Service Ministries, and many more categories.

Electric Library Research

World Wide School Library - Main Index

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes  In addition to a quote-a-day from Emerson, this site points to some great related links.

Encyclopedia of the Self
an excellent resource without popups or ads

Proofreader's and Editor's Symbols  
helpful for working with professional writers

Watershed Online-Integrating Spirit and Learning 
We have designed Watershed Online to be a creative area where you will be able to consider psychological, literary, and spiritual classics that you might otherwise not encounter.

Use of the Footnote Service  Links to online resources.

Writer's and Speaker's Aids

Powerful Words

Sayings & Everyday Expressions 
Some entries are not easy to read due to color and there are a few banners. Still you may find the saying you've wondered about or something to use in a talk. - Illustrations, Sermons and Tools

Aha! Jokes: Clean Humor and Funny Pictures!   
Useful for your sermons or newsletters
The WWW Bible Gateway 
Look up Bible quotations and make comparisons with several different versions.

Church Leader Internet Portal(CLIP) - by 
The direct resource service from Zondervan Publishing House to more than 350,000 churches and the people who lead them — pastors, staff, and volunteers.

Guide for Writing Research Papers 
Based MLA Guidelines,by the Humanities Department of Capital College, CT

Writer's Handbook 
from University of Wisconsin

Writer's and Speaker's Aids  Drexell University's Haggerty Library links Online Bible Study

Christian Classics Ethereal Library 
Calvin College presents this outstanding online library which includes Classic novels, Bibles & The English Book of Common Prayer
All of the books on this server are in the public domain unless otherwise specified. Copy them and save them on a CD ROM!

Please write us and send us any additional links that you would like to see on this web. We also highly recommend as a source for finding your personal spiritual path.

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