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Prayers for Peace

Thanks to Rev. Maureen Christopher of United Church of Religious Science, Ourchive, for bringing many of these to our attention.

Prayers for Peace, elan michaels
Buddhist prayer
Prayers for peace - Jewish, Christian and Muslim
Native American prayer
Hindu prayer
Sufi prayer
Ernest Holmes, A Prayer for World Peace

Demographics & Research

American Religion Data Archive
Census Bureau Home Page
Hartford Institute for Religion
Barna Research Online
RPS Relocation  The Nationwide Real Estate and Moving Resource.   Once you've done all your demographic research, use this to figure out cost of living in the new city, cost of the move -- and much, much more.

Life Ceremonies

Bill Logan - Wellington, New Zealand Counsellor and Celebrant. These are life ceremonies with a beautiful, non-religious focus. Mr. Logan's ceremonies will touch your heart.
Funerals What You Need to Know About …Death & Dying

Pastoral Care

Caring for Others

Clergy Help What You Need to Know About …Death & Dying
Hospice Foundation of America
Religion and Ethics News Weekly, Cover Story Chaplaincy

Caring for Yourself

Tickle My Soul Just in case you have forgotten that "Pastoral Care" also means caring for yourself: Laugh a little!
Interview With God This presentation is probably not easily viewed unless you have either DSL or a cable modem. It is a beautifully done presentation, with music -- an inspirational respite.

Church Business, Leadership and Growth

Yes You Can Start a Church!  The UCRS Empowerment Core is a group of young ministers who have built successful churches in a relatively short period of time. They consider themselves "midwives" and freely offer to help you birth your church. Their web site gives start-up information, as well as their email addresses.
SBA Business Plan Outline Tutorial and self-paced activity. Free from the Small Business Administration.
Business Plan Guide This is a comprehensive web site. It contains a Guide to Business Plan writing, informative "white papers," and a selection software for purchase.
Unity Headlines Wow! What can I say? There's so much here that you can spend hours with. Be sure to check out their Small Group Training, Youth Training, and Useful Sites.
ChamberBiz - The Ultimate Small Business Resource  Whether you're starting a new work or the pastor of a growing church, this site has valuable information.
How To Form a Non-Profit Corporation Article from Nolo Press
Office Depot Small Business Handbook   Includes and excellent tutorial on bookkeeping
ChristianityToday.com - LeadershipJournal.net
Church Business: The business publication helping churches
Church Leader Internet Portal(CLIP) - by ZondervanChurchSource.com The direct resource service from Zondervan Publishing House to more than 350,000 churches and the people who lead them — pastors, staff, and volunteers.
Virtual Resource Library Developed by the Church of Today (Unity), in San Diego, CA; a valuable resource for Music, Marketing, Sundays, Community Outreach, Service Ministries, and many more categories.
Growth Issues Rev. Gary Simmons
Free Web Space for Unity or Other New Thought Org
Amazon.com Associates Program Join the Amazon.com Associates program, put a link on your website, and earn money from every sale that you facilitate.
Association of Fund Raising Professionals Thanks to Rev. James Lockard, Ft. Lauderdale, who recommended this organization to learn more about fund raising.
Clergy Tax Net  Just one of many sites that came up when searching for The Church & Clergy Tax Guide. Also thanks to Rev. James Lockard, Ft. Lauderdale

Continuing Education

Sacred Days Home Page Sacred Days Retreats and Online Services with Dr. Marcia Sutton, Rev. Lloyd Strom, and Rev. Dr. Suz Ogden -- Revealing the Presence of Christ in Our Lives
Progoff Intensive Journal Program
LTU The Leader in Continuing Education - Southern CaliforniaEvery community has something like this. Inexpensive adult education.


Divine Science Ministers Association
New Thought Ministers e-Group at Yahoo

Personnel Staffing

ChurchStaffing.com-America's Ministry Connection
Yahoo Church Jobs
ChurchJobsOnline.com  - Find hundreds of church ministry openings including pastors, youth ministers, music directors and children's pastors. Post your free or featured resume. Churches can post openings and search thousands of resumes from those seeking church positions.


Volunteer Match National Database includes Hawaii and Alaska. Your chance to get involved.
Mennonite Central Committee
Habitat for Humanity

Robes, Vestments

Hoffman Brothers Robe Company
Women Spirit - Vestments for Women
Robes by Collegiate

Sources for Books


FetchBook.Info  A new service that allows you to search more than 62 book stores and 40,000 dealers by ISBN, Author, or Title, and compare prices to get the best deal.
Cygnus Books Company-UK
Insight Books
As A Man Thinketh by James Allen
BookFinder.Com Try this for that hard to find, out of print book you've wanted forever!
Amazon.com  My personal favorite

On Line Libraries

Unity Texts
New Thought OnLine Books
Christian Classics Ethereal Library  An entire online library, including William James, Leo Tolstoy, Dostoevski, Drummond, as well as The Bible, The English Book of Common Prayer, housed at Calvin College!
Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. There is enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime.

Personal Home Pages

Colin Tipping (RADICAL Forgiveness)
Don Miguel Ruiz   Author of The Four Agreements
Debbie Ford   Author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Caroline Myss
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Rev. Mary Murray Shelton
John Shelby Spong Author and retired Episcopalian Bishop
Margaret J. Wheatley Award winning author, speaker, and organizational consultant.
Dewitt Jones Celebrate What's Right with the World!
www.Kusala.org - Urban Dharma (Buddhism) Rev. Kusala, a Buddhist monk from the Midwest, is active in Southern California. He is a dynamic, inspirational speaker who can explain Buddhism to anyone.
Online With Oprah

Food for Thought

The opinions and beliefs expressed in the following links are the sole expression of the authors. Inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement.

Spiritual Perspectives and Resources   This site has some interesting ideas. Check out their free 'e-course' offerings.
A New Thought Web Directory
Religious and Sacred Texts
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions
Futurechurch The Future of the church and Post Modern Ministry in the 21st Century. Particularly thought provoking articles by Dr. Thomas Hohstadt
Beliefnet; The source for Spirituality, Religion and Morality
Links from the Wilshire Church Disciples of Christ Interesting links for ministers.
Page's Pearls with New Thought, Metaphysics, Inspiration
Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance
The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virginia  Dedicated to the Study of Religious Movements on the Web and in the World.   (Under Profiles of Rel Movements, check out the listing for New Thought.)
Watershed Online-Integrating Spirit and Learning We have designed Watershed Online to be a creative catchment area where you will be able to consider psychological, literary, and spiritual classics that you might otherwise not encounter.
Mall Area Religious Council (MARC)  Spiritual Presence in the Market Place, Mall of America, MN - provide the Interfaith Calendar below
Interfaith Calendar
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
Religion News Service
New York Times On The Web  Register and build your own search criteria. Excellent articles on religion and religious news.
Rick Ross: Cult Expert, Lecturer, and Intervention Specialist  This was a great source for reports on "controversial issues".
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
New Thought Movement Home Page
The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Philosophical Research Society
Pantheism and The World Pantheist Movement
The Forgiveness Initiative  Inspirational, informative and practical insights on forgiveness. Web site created by Rev. Noel McInnis
The New Thought Network (NTN) Another incredible site by Rev. Noel McInnis. There is so much here to inform!

Tools for Better Speaking and Writing

PreachingToday.com - Illustrations, Sermons and Tools
Writer's and Speaker's Aids
Powerful Words
Proofreader's and Editor's Symbols  If you're ever fortunate enough to be working with a professional editor or proofreader, this chart will be invaluable. Thanks, Rev. Barbara Adams!
Aha! Jokes: Clean Humor and Funny Pictures!   I use this site occasionally to find filler for the newsletter.
Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
@Frank and Ernest Comic Strip

Quotation Search

Einstein's Spirit created by D.M. Carrell. A fantastic web site devoted to studying Einstein's views on religion and God.
About.com What you need to know about. I most frequently use this site to find quotations, but you can search and find almost anything you want here. The "Pastoral Care" links above came from this site. It is in a category by itself.
Dictionary of Quotations - Inspirational, Famous, Humorous & Literary Quotations
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations A search engine for many standard quote references, including the classic Bartlett
Quotation Library A nice collection with some contemporary names.
The WWW Bible Gateway Look up and compare texts in several different versions.
Living Enrichment Center - Mary Manin Morrissey  A search engine to browse the entries in her database. You can also subscribe to daily messages.
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Texts  Searchable, browsable versions of his writings.
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes  In addition to a quote-a-day from Emerson, this site points to some great related links.

Dictionaries and other References

One Look Search multiple dictionaries for words and definitions
Merriam-Webster Online
Quick Dictionary
Electric Library Research
Some Smart Talk About Newsletters Commercial but possibly worth reading
Use of the Footnote Service  Links to online resources.
Guide for Writing Research Papers Based on the Modern Language Association (MLA) Guidelines, prepared by the Humanities Department of Capital Community College, Hartford, CT
Writer's Handbook An amazing contribution from the University of Wisconsin at Madison
Writer's and Speaker's Aids Links to net resources
World Wide School Library - Main Index
Sayings & Everyday Expressions An interesting site. Be forewarned, some entries are not easy to read due to color and there are a few banners. Still you may find the saying you've wondered about or something to use in a talk.
CSeNews.com Online Bible Study

Researching Fairy Tales for Metaphysical Interpretation

Stories, Fairy Tales, and Folklore Theme Page
D.L.Ashliman's Home Page
World Wide School Library
The Center for Story and Symbol, Joseph Campbell and Archetypal Psychology
Good Stories for Great Holidays
Sail Labs Innovation in Understanding This is a translator - German/English; English/German. Look for 'English' in the top right hand corner and click to translate entire phrases.  (Okay, so this is pretty esoteric, but if you want to know what Brothers Grimm really said, when you have nothing else to do, get a copy in German and use this to read it.

Holiday Topics

Also check Beliefnet, About.com, and other links above.
The American Flag Folding Ceremony You may wish to modify this ceremony for particular holiday talks; e.g., Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day
Holiday Family Fun   The archives include articles and quotes for Valentines Day, Mardis Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Summer Picnics and Barbecues, Fall Festivals, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Christianity Today.com   In addition to the Holidays, be sure to look at Reflections for wonderful quotes.
I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr., Aug. 28, 1963  The full text of his moving and historical speech.
NARA; U.S. National Archives & Records Administration NARA is home to all historical documents, and has many online exhibits.

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