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The Seven Tools of Transformation

Standard disclaimer. Although we endeavor to check all links, we cannot be responsible for content of websites. The opinions, beliefs and content contained in any website are the sole responsibility of the authors. Inclusion here should not be construed as endorsement.

Buying Books --This is the best bookbuyers resource
Cygnus Books Company-UK
Insight Books
BookFinder.Com -- This is good for finding rare books

Online Texts
New Thought Text Links
Bible Gateway
Religious and Sacred Texts
Schoenberg Text Archive

I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr., Aug. 28, 1963  The full text of his moving and historical speech.
NARA; U.S. National Archives & Records Administration  many historical documents and online exhibits.

Interfaith Calendar
Christianity Today Calendar

Great Web Tools

International Time Zone Converter
International Univeral Currency Converter

Prayers for Peace, elan michaels
Buddhist prayer
Prayers for peace - Jewish, Christian and Muslim
Native American prayer
Hindu prayer
Sufi prayer
Ernest Holmes, A Prayer for World Peace

Links to New Thought Educational Opportunities

Leadership,  Growth & Development
Yes You Can Start a Church!  - United Church of Religious Science's Empowerment Core is a group of ministers who have built successful churches in a relatively short period of time and freely offer to help you start and make your church successful. Their web site gives great start-up information and contact information.
SBA Business Plan Outline Tutorial and self-paced activity. Free from the Small Business Administration.
Business Plan Guide This is a comprehensive web site. It contains a Guide to Business Plan writing, informative "white papers," and a selection software for purchase.
Unity Headlines Wow! What can I say? There's so much here that you can spend hours with. Be sure to check out their Small Group Training, Youth Training, and Useful Sites.
ChamberBiz - The Ultimate Small Business Resource  Whether you're starting a new work or the pastor of a growing church, this site has valuable information.
How To Form a Non-Profit Corporation Article from Nolo Press
Office Depot Small Business Handbook   Includes an excellent tutorial on bookkeeping

Church Business: The business publication helping churches
Church Leader Internet Portal(CLIP) - by The direct resource service from Zondervan Publishing House for more than 350,000 churches.
Growth Issues Rev. Gary Simmons
Free Web Space for New Thought Organizations Associates Program Join the Associates program, put a link on your website
Association of Fund Raising Professionals - learn more about fund raising.
Clergy Tax Net  - How do you handle taxes for your church

Association of Fund Raising Professionals Thanks to Rev. James Lockard, Ft. Lauderdale, who recommended this organization to learn more about fund raising.
Ourchive - an excellent resource with sections on Pastoral care, Clergy finances & more
Interview With God

Jobs in the Ministries's Ministry Connection
Yahoo Church Jobs
Church Jobs - Find current church jobs openings and resumes.
Volunteer Match National Database includes Hawaii and Alaska. Your chance to get involved.
RPS Relocation   This is a great tool for students who are planning their ministry or for individuals moving from one part of the country to another.  It is a  Real Estate and Moving Resource.   Use this to figure out cost of living in various cities, the cost of moving and more....

Find The Church - The Largest New Thought Church & Center Directory

Costuming - Robes, Vestments
Hoffman Brothers Robe Company
Women Spirit - Vestments for Women
Robes by Collegiate

More Links
New Thought Links
Spiritual Perspectives and Resources
  Check out their free 'e-course' offerings.
Page's Pearls with New Thought, Metaphysics, Inspiration
The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Philosophical Research Society
Pantheism and The World Pantheist Movement
Watershed Online-Integrating Spirit and Learning
Links from the Wilshire Church Disciples of Christ Interesting links for Christian ministers. Associates Program Join the Associates program, put a link on your website, and earn money from every sale that you facilitate.

American Religious Data Archive

Religious News Sources:
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly
Religion News Service -
Church Business: The business publication helping churches

Corporate News:
New York Times
Washington Post

Independent News:
Living Newspaper

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
Frank and Ernest Comic Strip

Life & Death

Bill Logan - Wellington, New Zealand  Life ceremonies with a non-religious focus. "Mr. Logan's ceremonies will touch your heart."
Funerals What You Need to Know About …Death & Dying


Hospice Work / Pastoral Care

Clergy Help What You Need to Know About …Death & Dying
Hospice Foundation of America
Religion and Ethics News Weekly, Cover Story Chaplaincy

Useful Christian Resources:

Skeptics Annotated Bible

Congregational Resources Site

A content-rich site in the areas of congregational life and leadership developed by Claremont School of Theology.

The Taize Community Multilingual site for those using Taize materials in worship. -

The Text This Week

Site full of resources for study, reflection, and liturgical planning organized around each week's lectionary texts.

Lift Up Your Hearts

Extensive set of links to worship and spirituality resources on the web.

Bible Software For Palm Users

Free resources, including a free Bible Reader and Bible version for your Palm.
Bible study supreme with loads of resources. Biblical studies resources and Bible versions.

A good resource for the pastors, including lectionary and illustrations.
Rick Ross: Cult Expert, Lecturer, and Intervention Specialist  This was a great source for reports on "controversial issues".
Gay and Lesbian Alliance


Mythology / Fairy Tales / Stories:

Stories, Fairy Tales, and Folklore Theme Page
D.L.Ashliman's Home Page
World Wide School Library
The Center for Story and Symbol, Joseph Campbell and Archetypal Psychology
Good Stories for Great Holidays
Sail Labs Innovation in Understanding This is a translator - German/English; English/German.

New Thought Webs of Interest:
Check in the Links sections for more

Colin Tipping (RADICAL Forgiveness)
Don Miguel Ruiz   Author of The Four Agreements
Debbie Ford   Author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers
Louise Hay
Marianne Williamson
Caroline Myss
Dr. Bernie Siegel
Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Rev. Mary Murray Shelton
John Shelby Spong Author and retired Episcopalian Bishop
Margaret J. Wheatley Award winning author, speaker, and organizational consultant.
Dewitt Jones Celebrate What's Right with the World!
Urban Dharma (Buddhism) Rev. Kusala, a Buddhist monk from the Midwest, is active in Southern California. He is a dynamic, inspirational speaker who can explain Buddhism to anyone.
Online With Oprah


Holiday Resources

Holiday Family Fun   The archives include articles and quotes for Valentines Day, Mardis Gras, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Summer Picnics, Fall Festivals, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Good Stories for Great Holidays

Commercial Links
Progoff Intensive Journal Program


Recommended Reading List:

This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
This Thing Called Life by Ernest Holmes
The Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn
Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
Science of Mind
by Ernest Holmes
Divine Science Its Principle and Practice
-- M. E. Cramer and F. B. James
Wake up to your Life
by Ken Mcloed
The Law and the Word
by Thomas Troward
The Hidden Power
by Thomas Troward
The Sermon on the Mount
by Emmet Fox
Find and Use Your Inner Power
by Emmet Fox
Journey of Awakening
by Ram Dass
Got Spirit
by The Almost Spiritual Masters
For the Aspiring Mystic by Helen Brungardt-Pope

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence
The Way of the Pilgrim
Coming Back; The Science of Reincarnation
Swami Prahupada

The Valley of Roses
Enjoying the Moments
There is a Well
Journey to the Sacred


What We Teach Our Children

What We Believe
by Ernest Holmes

The Seven Tools of Transformation




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