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A History of New Thought

Abel L. Allen

New Thought Defined :-)

James Allen

Who was James Allen?

~As A Man Thinketh :-)

Above Life's Turmoil :-)

Byways to Blessedness :-)

An Onymous ~Christ In You
William W. Atkinson
Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World
Practical Mental Influence
The Mastery of Being
Your Mind and How to Use it
The Psychology of Salesmanship
Memory: How to Develop and Train
How to Read Human Nature: It's Inner states and outer forces
Mind and Body, or mental states and physical conditions
Raymond Charles Barker :-)

Rebecca Beard

Rename Your World
Everyman's Search

Nona Brooks :-)
(1861 - 1945)
~Mysteries 1924-
Still used as a Divine Science textbook :)
Divine Science and the Truth (Oct. 1898)
~Divine Science Principle and Practice chapters [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] :)
H. Emilie Cady
(1848 - 1941)
~Lessons in Truth 1894    (Unity)
~Lessons in Truth for the 21st Century (a modern author's rewrite of her original work)
~Lecciones Acerca Da La Verdad
Finding The Christ in Ourselves
~How I Used The Truth
~God a Present Help
~Miscellaneous Writings

Nicol C. Campbell :-)

My Path of Truth <<< no longer working!!!!

Mason A. Clark : The Healing Wisdom of P. P. Quimby
Robert Collier ~The Life Magnet (seven volumes) - 1928
Herbert Coolidge ~Mother's Might, How to Use It

Malinda E. Cramer
(1845 - 1907)

~Divine Science and Healing San Francisco: Home College of Divine Science, 1902. Pp.293
Harmony Magazine

Van Rensselaer Day
The Magic Story -formerly at Noble Path

Annetta G. Dresser :-)

The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby

Horatio W. Dresser :-)

The Quimby Manuscripts
A History of the New Thought Movement
The Power of Silence
Spiritual Health and Healing

Henry Drummond :-)

The Greatest Thing in the World 1880

Natural Law in the Spiritual World 1890

The Ascent of Man 1904

The Programme of Christianity

A Life for a Life and other addresses 1893

A Changed Life

The City Without a Church

Pax Vobiscum

Stones Rolled Away and other addresses

The New Evangelism and other papers 1899

The Ideal Life 1897

Mary Baker Eddy

If you are looking for links to Mary Baker Eddy's works, these are in the separate Christian Science Section. Christian Science is not considered part of New Thought because:

Mary Baker Eddy herself said that Christian Science is not part of New Thought.

Mary Baker Eddy's work which she chose to call "Christian Science" was rooted in her experience with Phineas Quimby, . Just as Eddy owes a debt to Quimby for introducing her to the concepts of "Christian Science", New Thought owes a debt to Eddy for learning from and encouraging some of the greatest teachers of applied metaphysics such as Ursula Gestefeld and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

W.S. Adams wrote a book called "Christian Science" in 1850.

However, it is rumoured that perhaps Christian Science may become an INTA member sometime soon.

Webmaster's note: Changes are routinely made to all sites to insure their alignment with highest good.

Please note, previous evolutions included a comment from Braden's Spirits in Rebellion about "Malevolent Magnetic Energy" but a kind stranger informed us that we had mislabeled this term, the proper term is Malicious Animal Magnetism.

Notes on Malicious Animal Magnetism:
"In Christian Science the term animal magnetism is used to define the hypnotic nature of evil. Because evil is hypnotism, it can be overcome through scientific prayer that breaks the hypnotic spell and frees us from all forms of sin and suffering. Healing through prayer comes about when suffering of every kind is challenged with the fact that God, good, alone is real, and evil has no power or reality. Recognizing and proving the unreality of evil is fundamental to the teaching of Christian Science. Articles written on animal magnetism by Mrs. Eddy and her students are found in the book Handling Malicious Animal Magnetism. The Illusion of Animal Magnetism has articles by more recent writers. It explains how to free and protect the mind from the malicious hypnotic influence of today. As the threat of mind control grows more aggressive and more subtle, the ability to defend the mind is no longer a matter of choice, but one essential to health and happiness."


Here is a page with links to Christian Science texts for historical purposes.

Here is a page with a set of Christian Science beliefs sent in by Christopher Grove in 2004 which reflects an evolution of consciousness in contemporary Christian Science. A Summary of Christian Science beliefs by Christopher Grove.

(former quotes were from Charles S. Braden's Spirits in Rebellion)

Paul Ellsworth ~Direct Healing
~Health and Power Through Creation
~ Mind Magnet

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson Texts - Essays: First Series (1841) - Essays: Second Series (1844) -

Emerson Quotes - Man the Reformer - Nature - Representative Men - English Traits

The Method of Nature - The Conduct of Life - The American Scholar -

Divinity School Address -

Warren Felt Evans

The Mental Cure 1869 :-)
Primitive Mental Cure :)
~Divine Law of Cure :)
Esoteric Christianity or Mental Therapeutics

AB Faye ~Divine Science Bible Text Book

Charles Fillmore

Unity Texts

Atom-Smashing Power of Mind

Christian Healing

Dynamics for Living
Jesus Christ Heals
Keep A True Lent

Mysteries of Genesis

Mysteries of John

The Revealing Word

Talks on Truth
Teach Us to Pray

The Twelve Powers of Man

Cora Fillmore Christ Enthroned In Man
Teach Us To Pray
Lowell Fillmore New Ways to Solve Old Problems
Myrtle Fillmore
(1845 - 1931)
Healing Letters

Emmet Fox

Emmet Fox Speaks...

Frances. W. Foulks All Things Made New
Dana Gatlin All Things Made New
Ursula N. Gestefeld ~The Breath of Life: A Series of Self-Treatments
The Builder and the Plan
A Chicago Bible Class
How We Master Our Fate
Jesuitism in Christian Science
Reincarnation or Immortality
Ursula N. Gestefeld's Statement of Christian Science
The Science of Being
Exodus Magazine
Khalil Gibran The Prophet :-)

Neville Goddard

Fundamentals :-)

Joel Goldsmith ~The Infinite Way
Albert C. Grier The Message of the Truth :-)
~Truth and Life (with Agnes Lawson) 1921
~Truth's Cosmology
~The Truth Way
Christ Truth Magazine
Charles F. Haanel ~The Master Key System
~The New Psychology (7 volumes) 1 - 2 - 4 - 6 - 7
~Cause and Effect
Henry Thomas Hamblin The Power of Thought
Within you is the Power
The Life of the Spirit
~The Open Door
~Life Without Strain
Harvey Hardman

Man's Immortal Body :-)
The Silent Partner :-)

Ernest Holmes :-)

~Creative Mind and Success
~Creative Mind
~The Science of Mind (Original 1926 Version) or Science of Mind 1926 Text

~The Lessons of the Science of Mind 1926 full text
~Questions and Answers about Science of Mind
The Science of Mind (Gender Neutral Version) - link went down

Ernest Holmes Speaks . . . 
This Thing Called You
This Thing Called Life

Fenwick Holmes

~Being and Becoming
Ernest Holmes Biography
Fear, Faith and Food
Fear and Nerves - Their Cause and Cure
How to Develop the Faith That Heals
~Joan's Voices
~The Law of Mind In Action
Love and the Law
Lyrics of Life and Love
My Book of Treatments
Philosophy and Psychology
Silence and Health
Songs of the Silence
Textbook of Applied Psychology and Mental Science
Vizualization and Concentration
The Truth about Mater
The Twenty Secrets of Success
What a Mental Treatment Is
Whether You Believe or Not
Worry and Neuroses - Their Cause and Cure
You Can

Emma Curtis Hopkins
(1855 - 1925)

Christian Metaphysican Magazine
Class Lessons 1888
Class Lessons/Bible Interpretations 1889 3rd Series Lessons 24 - 35
High Mysticism
Mental Science Magazine
Scientific Christian Mental Practice
The Statement of Being  :-)

Vernon Howard :-)

Vernon Howard Web

There is a Way Out :-)

Gardner Hunting

~~Working With God 1934 public domain

David Hurst Self Experience
Fannie James Meditations and Reflections
Dawning Truth
~Truth and Health 1911

William James

The Varieties of Religious Experience 1901, 1902

JFS "It Works: A Definite Plan of Accomplishment" - formerly at Noble Path

Brad Jensen

Writings of Brad Jensen

Bruce Landone A-B-C of Truth: 35 Lessons for Beginners in New Thought Study
Greater Spiritual Responsiveness Of Body & Awakening The Brain Of Spirit
Hope and Certainty
How to Change Any Habit
How to Turn Your Desires and Ideals Into Realities
Methods of Truth Which I Use
Mysterious Catalytic Foods
Powers That Turn Failure Into Success
Prophecies of Melchi-Zedek in the Great Pyramid and Seven Temples
Soul Catalysts and How To Use Them
The Success Process
Truth and Its Magnificent Simplicity
Unconsciously Freeing The Body (A course of 16 lessons)
Your Ears - Reactivating Them
Your Eyes - Rejuvenating Them

Walter C. Lanyon

2 A.M.
A Royal Diadem

It is Wonderful

The Impatient Dawn

A Lamp Unto My Feet

Out of the Clouds

Various Book Chapters

Christian D. Larson

The Great Within
The Hidden Secret
~How Great Men Succeed
How to Stay Well
How to Stay Young
How the Mind Works
~The Ideal Made Real (1912) Some pages
~Just Be Glad
~Keeping Fit
~~Mastery of Fate
Mastery of Self
~On the Heights (1908) Some pages
~~Poise and Power
Thinking For Results
~Your Forces and How to Use Them or Your Forces and How to Use Them

James Henry Larson The Mother As A World Power
W.R.C. Latson M.D. Secrets of Mental Supremacy
Agnes Lawson Bible Study
Hints to Bible Study
  from her course taught at
The Colorado College of Divine Science, 1920.
~Truth and Life (with Albert C Grier) 1921
Richard Lynch

Health and Spiritual Healing
Know Thyself
Man and His Powers
Mind Makes Men Giants
The Secret of Health
Usable Truth
Work and Supply

Orison Swett Marden
Be Good to Yourself
Character : The Grandest Thing in the World
The Conquest of Worry
Everybody Ahead or Getting the Most Out of Life
Every Man a King
Getting On
~Good Manners and Success
He Can Who Thinks He Can
How To Get What You Want, 1917 - was a noble path link
An Iron Will
~Keeping Fit
Little Visits With Great Americans, Vol. I
Little Visits With Great Americans, Vol. II
The Miracle of Right Thought
Not the Salary But the Opportunity
~Peace Power & Plenty
Prosperity - How to Attract It
Pushing to the Front, Vol I
Pushing to the Front, Vol. II
Rising in the World or Architects of Fate
The Secret of Achievement
Selling Things
Stories From Life - A Book for Young People
Success Fundamentals
Talks With Great Workers
The Victorious Attitude
Why Grow Old?
You Can, But Will You?
The Young Man Entering Business
Bruce Maclelland

~Prosperity through thought force 1907
The Law of Success

Clara Chamberlain Mclean ~The Laws of Health and Prosperity and How to Use Them

Peter McWilliams

~You Can't Afford the Luxury of A Negative Thought
an excellent New Thought book is no longer down!
Peter has a full spectrum of great books

Annie Rix Militz
(1859 - 1924)
Master Mind Magazine - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14
~All Things are Possible to Them That Believe
Atonement Understood
~Both Honor and Riches
Bread From Heaven "The sayings of Jesus Christ" 1920
~Concentration :)
Generation and Regeneration
I am Myself
None of These Things Move Me
~Primary Lessons in Christian Healing and Living
Prosperity Thought Knowledge and Power of the Mind
~The Renewal of the Body
Sermon On The Mount
~Spiritual Housekeeping 1910
Wonderful Wishers
En Francais
~Lecons Elementaires de Vie Chretienne
~Les Riches et Les Gloire
R. L. Miller, Ph.D.
150 Years of Healing - America's Great
New Thought Healers

Prentice Mulford

~The Gift of Understanding
The God in You
Thoughts are Things 1908
The White Cross Library:
Your Forces and How to Use Them - 6 Volumes - 73 Essays - 1901
~vol 1,

Joseph Murphy

The Miraculous Law of Healing
Oneness With God

Neville Fundamentals
Rev. W. John Murray The Astor Lectures 1917 :-)
The Divine Mission 1917
Creation 1917
The Main Thing 1917
Mental Medicine 1923
 The Murray Course in Divine Science
The Necessity of Active Faith
New Thoughts on Old Doctrines 1918
The Realm of Reality 1922
The Sanity of Optimism
Clara Palmer You Can Be Healed
Du kannst geheilt werden

Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder Speaks . . . 

Phineas P. Quimby
(1802 - 1866)

The Quimby Archive - The Largest Online Collection in the World

The Quimby Manuscripts


The following books are also available:

Harriet Rix ~Christian Mind Healing

Frank B. Robinson

~God And Dr. Bannister
~Is The Story of Jesus Christ Fact or Fiction?
~The Psychiana Lessons

~Through War to God
~Ye Men of Athens

Theodore Sheldom VIM Culture

Florence Scovel Shinn

The Game of Life and How to Play It :-)

Your Word is Your Wand :-)

The Secret Door to Success :-)

Dr. C. O. Southard Truth Ideas of an M.D.
Un Medecin Parle De Verite (Traduit De L'Anglais).
Geoff Stirling In Search of a New Age

Emanuel Swedenborg

Swedenborg New Earth
Swedenborg Church

Arthur P. Smith

The Power of Thought to Heal
Towards a Sustainable Metaphysic of Faith

Summum Bonum Amen RA

Summum - Sealed Except to the Open Mind


Theosophy Library Online
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions
Elizabeth Towne
(1865 - 1960)
Nautilus Magazine ~ Holyoke article on the magazine
~Experiences in Self-Healing 1923
Happiness and Marriage
How to Grow Success
How to Train Children and Parents
How to Use New Thought in Home Life
~How To Wake the Solar Plexus 1901
~Joy Philosophy 1911
Just How to cook meals without meat
Just How to Concentrate
~Lessons In Healing 1917
~Lessons in Living
~The Life Power and How to Use It 1906
~Practical Methods for Self Development 1904
You and Your Forces
Your Character

Ralph Waldo Trine

This Mystical Life of Ours  or This Mystical Life of Ours

The Greatest Thing Ever Known or The Greatest Thing Ever Known

Character Building Thought Power or Character-Building Thought Power

The Wayfarer on the Open Road or The Wayfarer on the Open Road

~What All the World's A-Seeking

The Man Who Knew
~In Tune With the Infinite
~Das Groesste was wir kennen 1913 - deutsche auflage
In Harmonie mit dem unendlischen
Was alle Welt Sucht
Der Geist in dir sei dein Berater
Charakterbildung durch gedankenkraefte
Auf Dem Wege Zur Wahrheit

Thomas Troward

~Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning
~The Creative Process of the Individual

~The Dore Lectures on Mental Science :-)
The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science :-)
~The Law and the Word

~The Hidden Power

Helen Van Anderson
--founded the Mystic Success Club
-The Right Knock (1889)
Carrol's Conversion
The Journal of a Live Woman (1895)
~The Mystic Scroll: a Book of Revelation.(1906)
~The Illumined Life (1912)
Is it Possible? A Story of Life (1891)
Articles in Mind Magazine
The New York Magazine of Mysteries
The Story of Teddy
Helen Rhodes-Wallace ~How to Enter the Silence
~Psychcoma or Soul Sleep
Religious Education for New Thought Children
Zelia M. Walters Doctor Houston Speaking; a Book of the True Experiences.
Dr. Houston spricht. Ein Buch wahrer Erlebnisse.
Holy Bread
The Good News
The Magic Window
Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask
Unity Magazine July 138
You and Your Child
Edward B Warman, A.M. Psychic Science Made Simple
Personal Magnetism

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich :-)
The Science of Being Great
Making the Man Who Can
Science of Being Well

Alfred North Whitehead... .Religion in the Making
Evelyn Whitell Lovingly In The Hands Of The Father
A California Poppy: the Story of a Child Healer
The Gift of Healing
The Healing of the Hawaiian.
Healing Silences
Healing Under Tropical Skies
The Magic Pen
The Arms of Love & Wings of Faith
The Builder's Crown of Jewels
Frank B. Whitney Beginning Again
Be of Good Courage
The Challenge of the Dawn
Creed of the Dauntless
Mightier Than Circumstances
Open Doors

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Ella Wheeler

The Heart of The New Thought 1902 :-)

Everyday Thoughts in Prose and Verse

Poems of Progress and New Thought Pastels..

Poems of Power

Sonnets of Sorrow and Triumph

Helen Wilmans
(1831 - 1907)
Lessons in Mental Science (1893) Primary & Advanced totalling 24 Lessons
Home Course in Mental Science (1921) 20 Lessons Online
~~Blossom of the Century 1893
Conquest of Death
~Conquest of Poverty
Second Birth: A Practical Treatise On Mental Healing :-)
Ernest C. Wilson Adventures in Prosperity
The Contemplation of Christ
Emerging Self
Every Good Desire
Have We Lived Before?
Have You Lived Other Lives?
The Great Physician
If I Were to Make a Garden
If You Want To Enough
Lika a Miracle
Many Mansions
Master Class Lessons
The Other Half Of the Rainbow
The Secret Way to Abundance
Soul Power.
The Sunlit Way
The Week That Changed the World

Henry Wood

~The New Thought Simplified; How to Gain Harmony & Health 1902 :-)
~Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography
The Symphony of Life 1901
~Victor Serenus: A Study of the Pauline Era - New Thought Play 1900

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